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Who Can Benefit...

One-site body shops

Being a small business, it’s all the more important to hold all the cards in your own hands. BodyShop Toolbox connects directly with your existing management system to pull data, create reports, and give you the core knowledge you need to drive your business forward. 


Managing multiple body shops is much easier and more cost-effective when you use a unified solution for the entire organization to monitor all the processes, spot issues in time, and course-correct when needed.

Technicians working on the floor

Every employee under your roof will work smarter and better when they know how they can improve. Not to mention that seeing the fruits of their labor will inspire them to stay on course.

Your finance department

Making smarter budget strategies and allocating your money wisely makes your business run smoothly. BodyShop Toolbox gives you the reports, trends, and goal overviews to build a strong financial basis for your business growth.

Your sales and marketing team

Customer-facing communications are much more effective when you know exactly what you can offer and how quickly you can deliver on your promise. BodyShop Toolbox protects your reputation by giving you the knowledge you need to set the stage for long-lasting customer relationships.

Your operations

Order, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are all possible with BodyShop Toolbox. Allowing your key management staff the right insights will help you hone your operations every single day.