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Why Toolbox

Some of the most successful body shops already trust
BodyShop Toolbox. Why, you ask? In a nutshell, it helps
you manage your business better every single day.
Here’s why our software is the best available solution
for turning your management system data into
practical insights.

Align your decisions with your goals

Body shops using this tool have a clear advantage over their competitors: they know precisely where they stand in terms of their results, every moment of every day. A unifying tool collecting real-time data from your management system helps you pinpoint where your actions are misaligned with your goals.
You also get access to tangible, actionable ideas on how you can better your everyday processes and operations in each department and each shop under your wing.

Increase profitability and efficiency

With a clear overview of your daily achievements as well as bottlenecks, you can allocate your people and your time to the most relevant tasks every day.
Using a single tool that connects easily to your management system allows you to slowly boost your profits and divide your workload properly to avoid employee burnout, missed deadlines, and poor customer reviews.

All real-time information in one place

Visibility is vital for any growing business. With BodyShop Toolbox, you get data dials with real-time information, but also trend tabs that can help you make smarter forecasts and adjust your output accordingly.
No need to rifle through a dozen different apps or folders – everything is neatly packed for your convenience, at your fingertips at all times.

Improve your sales, capture more customers

Better body shop performance, more satisfied customers, and smooth operations can mean only one thing: more business coming your way.
You can bet that your most satisfied customers will rave about you to their friends and family, while your productivity alone will give you more freedom to take on more work and not turn anyone away.